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    About Us

    Web 3.0 Digitization of Assets

    Tendy is looking to become a regulated U.S. NFT trading platform, setting itself apart from companies like OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, by having full permission to provide an NFT auction service for the relevant regulatory bodies. Non-securities NFTs will be available initially to a global audience. Securities NFTs will be available to non-US citizens and will only be available in the US once regulatory approval is granted. NFT creators will create their NFT for auction, with charging a transaction fee.

    How You're Protected

    The Tendy App for securities NFTs will use the same blockchain that powers the MERJ National Securities Exchange. The wallet shares the same "address space" as Ethereum and Binance. Tendy App wallet and MetaMask are the only two wallets that have "signing privileges".

    Why Us?

    The TNDY Token Price-Stability Process is designed to support the token price as it reaches NAV. This will be done in the following way:
    • Each buyback will buy tokens in the usual way until the price on Uniswap reaches $40.00.
    • If there is still part of the buyback remaining after this limit has been reached, the remaining dollar amount will be placed in the liquidity pool along with the required number of tokens.
    • This will ensure over time that price movements become less and less volatile, eventually reaching a point where selling can occur with only minimal price impact.

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